BY UP TO 40%

Airless Aqua Valve is a leading distributor of the WaterGater™. By installing the patented WaterGater™ Valve, you can cut your water costs by up to 40% using this effective, simple and affordable device!


The Watergater™ valve is designed to compresses the accumulated air in the water reducing the volume of air before it passes through your water meter so that you don't have to pay for air, just water.


Clients that utilize the WaterGater™ Valve


January 9, 2017:
Attention Marketing

To Whom it May Concern:

We installed the WaterGater™ system in our property on 08/05/2016. I would highly recommend this water saving device. Since we have had the valve installed in our property. We have recorded more than a 33% savings on our water bills compared with the same period last year. Our property uses a big volume of water monthly, and this valve helps us save a lit of money. Basically the valve pays for itself in the first few months of installation. It is a very easy installation and maintenance-free, a win win for our business. If you have nay questions feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you AquaSaving team for helping me to do a better job.

Diego Plata
EB Hotel
Chief Engineer

Note: AquaSaving System is a distribution partner of the WaterGater™

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“I’m a property owner and would like to know how I can save up to 40% on our water bill.”