This flow management device compresses excess air in your water supply and combats the inefficiency of metering devices. It also protects your plumbing from fluctuations in the water's supply by regulating the flow to let only the right amount in. It even serves as a check valve to keep water from returning back into the main water portal.

Proven technology

This fully compliant device safely maximizes the flow of water in your home or business for the pressure it was designed to operate under

Save on your bills

You are billed on the volume that passes through your water meter. WaterGaterâ„¢ will reduce that volume by compressing air, along with your bills.

Innovative idea

You don't have to overhaul your whole plumbing system; just insert a WaterGaterâ„¢ valve where your pipes meet the water meter and supply.

Ready to save thousands on
your water bill?

Compliant and Legal

Our valves were designed to enhance the current system, not challenge or disrupt it. It's installed on your property and you don't need authorization or permission to use one.

Made in USA

Our valves are designed and built in the USA to the highest standards of quality. They are constructed with NFS approved materials which makes them safe and durable in any application.

Saves You Money

The Watergater prevents your meter from measuring excess air in your water supply, so you stop paying for it by volume. Now all you will be paying for is the water itself, like it's supposed to be.

Safe and Efficient

Our valves are not only 100% safe for use with potable water, they will make your entire plumbing system more efficient, no matter its size.

Designed for You

We have a variety of valves designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications and for different pipe sizes and pressures from all over the world.

Simple Installation

Installing a Watergater on your property is easy and takes minutes. Just insert the valve where the water meter feeds into your property.