Airless Aqua Valve’s amazing product, the WaterGater™ is suited for use for any structure drawing piped water monitored by standard water meters or not. The following includes, but are not solely limited to, those structures enabling the WaterGater™ valve installation:

Commercial and Industrial

The more water you use, the more you'll save. WaterGater™ valves are well suited for commercial or industrial use. Great for large volume water consumtion in any structure drawing piped water, whether it is monitored by standard meters or not. It will regulate your flow even if you aren't paying for water.

Budweiser Plant utilizes the
WaterGater Valve
Home owners are benefiting
from our technology

Residential Applications

Everyone uses water at home, and our devices can help you save on your monthly utility bills as soon as it's installed. Our valves were designed with the homeowner in mind. You can install it yourself or hire any plumber to perform the installation in minutes.

Types of businesses that utilize our product...

city buildings
shopping malls
school & colleges
commercial properties
apartments & condos
industrial buildings
car washes